Management Team

Steve Lavery, President

Steve Lavery founded High Sierra Pools Inc. in 1992 and remains involved in every aspect of the business to ensure that each customer receives the highest level of service. He provides expert advice to his staff both technical and managerial, drawing upon more than 20 years of experience in commercial pool management.
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Radek Kaczor, Vice President

Radek is constantly advancing our business by sourcing new customers and ensuring continued excellent service to existing customers. He communicates with property management companies and commercial facility managers to promote our services. Radek is also a certified lifeguard instructor and manages the recruitment and training of key personnel.
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Richard Smekal, Vice President

Richard assumed his position in 2009, with responsibility of company’s operations, training and development, communication with corporate clients and business development. He is also actively involved in the company’s operations and technology-related initiatives. With High Sierra since 2005, he has held a variety of positions in the areas of operations and business development. With over 8 years of industry experience, he plays an instrumental role in the development of Sierra’s leading-edge technology initiatives, including the company’s revenue management. Richard received his Master Degree Diploma from the Charles University in Prague and he also holds number of industry certifications: National Swimming Pool Foundation Instructor, Association of Pool and Spa Professionals. Recently Richard became certified as Project Manager (PMP) with Project Management Institute.
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Veronika Kaczor, Safety and Training Director

Veronika manages all of Sierra safety programs including lifeguard trainings and swimming lessons. She ensures that all lifeguards are appropriately certified before they start working and remain current in their certifications. Her team of instructors conducts Lifeguard, CPR and AED Training year-round. Veronika also supervises our team of safety inspectors that performs in-service trainings and daily safety audits so that lifeguards stay up-to-date with their skills.
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Adrienne Barile, PHR, Director of Human Resources

Adrienne oversees the Human Resources Department, which is dedicated to finding the best prospective employees and supporting them on the job. Adrienne has more than 10 years of staffing and HR experience in the hospitality industry. Applicants, facility managers and employees are invited to contact Adrienne and her staff at any time during the year with questions, needs or feedback.
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Martin Pekarek, Division Manager

Martin started as lifeguard in 2004 and quickly moved up to a pool manager and in 2006 to Area Supervisor position. In 2008 he was promoted to Regional Manager for Massachusetts and Connecticut region and has been successfully managing since then.  Today, High Sierra Pools, is the largest pool company in that region and is proudly serving communities and apartment complexes north.
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Karin Whitehead, Division Manager

Karin has been in the pool industry for over 20 years. She, as many other managers, started as a lifeguarded and moved up quickly to area supervisor position. Not long after that she was promoted to staffing director, regional manager and finally she built and serviced residential pools. in 2010 she accepted division manager position with High Sierra Pools and is now responsible for 70 swimming pools. We appreciate Karin for her energy, positive attitude, sense of humor but most importantly for her dedication to work. She works days and nights to make sure her customers are extremely satisfied.
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